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Brilliant Academy Sales Center

Novum Design Award

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Project Title

Brilliant Academy Sales Center

Project Function

Property Sales Center

Project Location


Project Tags

Interior Design

Office Name

D&T Design

Team Members

Lee Ming;Ouyang Zhennan

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D&T Design

Project Description

The project is located in Anhui, which has a thousand year history and cultural heritage. Product oriented iteration is an important core which committed to creating high-quality residential communities. As a Sales Center of the entire residential, the project focus on the "Book Fragrance Culture" as design concept. The designer fully extracts elements of the four treasures of traditional Chinese study, and through turning and splicing of blocks, lines, and white spaces, changes and jumps in the texture and local materials.

Design quality: The entire development of the project ,quality first. Anhui Land is a very mature develop Group who has been deeply cultivating for over 20 years, understanding the living needs and pain points of residential , and accurately positioning the consumers.

Technical Adequacy: In response to local cultural traditions and lifestyles, D&T Design creatively extract design elements such as "paper, ink, pen, and inkstone" and use modern techniques to balance and intersperse points, lines, and surfaces.

Authentications: Sales center has two core demands,conveying enterprise value and achieving residential product sales.

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D&T Design

Brilliant Academy Sales Center


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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