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The Dialogue Between the Past and the Present

Novum Design Award

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Project Title

The Dialogue Between the Past and the Present

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Interior Design

Office Name

HANPIN Architects and Partners.

Team Members

Shun-Jhang Jian, Liang-Kuang Yang, Freed Wu, Jarren Liao, Lily Huang, Hsin-En Lee

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HANPIN Architects and Partners.

Project Description

The project at hand entails the task of conceptualizing the common area of a residential property with a harmonious combination of Chinese and Western styles. The intended outcome is to craft a visual masterpiece that showcases the seamless integration of classical oriental charm with contemporary aesthetics. The creative process involves an in-depth exploration of the cultural and spiritual essence, as well as an understanding of the lifestyle and preferences of modern individuals. The result will not only be a formal presentation but also a spatial encounter that ignites emotions and resonates with the soul.
In the realm of oriental culture, the act of participation and involvement holds immense spiritual significance and serves as the very foundation of spatial aesthetics. With this in mind, the design of this particular project has been inspired by the powerful words of a poem crafted by none other than the ancient Chinese poet Xin Qij himself. Specifically, a particular passage from the poem which reads "When I look back, I see the man at the place where the lanterns are shining" has served as the primary source of inspiration for this exquisite design.

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JUNPIN Development Co.,Ltd

The Dialogue Between the Past and the Present


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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