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Reshine Community

Novum Design Award

Digital Art and Graphic Design Category



Project Title

Reshine Community

Project Function

User Experience Design, User Interface Design

Project Location

Jersey City, United States

Project Tags

Resale, Community, Sustainability, User Experience

Office Name

Vivien Luo

Team Members

Vivien Luo

Office Link


Vivien Luo

Project Description

Reshine community is an interactive shopping platform designed to help resale shoppers access transparency, solve questions, and streamline the shopping experience on a resale site, reinforce sustainability awareness.

Resale has experienced significant growth in the U.S. However, some online resale platforms face challenges in providing standardized services due to the unique nature of the resale industry. The main target users are individuals who shop for resale online and are usually cautious about used products. The main deterrents users encounter are poor quality control, subjective description, and lack of information. As a result, users are unsatisfied with purchases and have high rates of refund.

Fashion has been criticized for pollution, unethical sourcing, and worker oppression. By showcasing a different perspective of the fashion industry, Reshine aims to demonstrate that fashion can be both sustainable and ethical. The emphasis on the sustainable section of the platform not only benefits the environment but also has the potential to bring welfare benefits to vulnerable groups associated with the fashion industry.

Project Link

Image Credits

Vivien Luo

Reshine Community


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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