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Forte Gangling Sales Center

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

Forte Gangling Sales Center

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

Shanghai, China

Project Tags

Interior design, sales center

Office Name

Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Design Co. Ltd.

Team Members

Vivien Zhang, Nigo C., Simoni P.

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Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Design Co. Ltd.

Project Description

As a mixed-use property located in the former old industrial area of Shanghai, the project injects vibrancy into the area. The design concept comes from rainbow appeared after rain, which conveys good dreams and hopes for the future.
The forms and flair of the entire space nod to the design theme of hope, echoing to the classic Shanghai shikumen residence. At the entrance, the door is like a window of a time tunnel, separating the past and the future. Walking through it, the fleeting fine view is remained in the space, like a rainbow hanging in the sky. In the front reception hall, the rainbow-colored acrylic decoration in the form of opening doors become the first impression of the space, which isolates the outdoor noise and implies the setting of overall design, as well as materials and colors.
The sand table display area features a rainbow installation, which is made of thread with rainbow-like colors. Thus, a colorful and dreamy rainbow is made by man in the indoor space, resulting in a shimmering and vibrant atmosphere. The appropriate arrangement of varied materials and hues creates different views as the light changes, adding a sense of agility and fun to the space.

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Image Credits

Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Design Co. Ltd.

Forte Gangling Sales Center


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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