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Xi Xi Friendship Hotel is located in a corner of Xidan 109 Building in Beijing. With a construction area of more than 20,000 square meters, it is a modern business and tourism hotel with international standards integrating accommodation, catering, leisure, entertainment and shopping.
he overall style of the hotel is Mainly Chinese style. The facade of the lobby entrance on the first floor is mainly composed of dark aluminum plate and rice yellow hole stone, which creates a calm and atmospheric style with concise design language. In the side landscape area, the metal water grain board covers the whole ceiling. In the lush green plants on the floor, several stone lamps are used to neutralize the lonely and cool temperament of the ceiling.
Enter the lobby, large area of the golden wall and gray stone floor, with proper lighting, create a stable and harmonious atmosphere, the right nails composed of landscape painting and golden wall clapboard seems to be randomly placed on the red small wooden boxes, and add a few clever colors to the space.

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