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Zhangzhou ITG Top Mansion

Novum Design Award

Urban Planning and Landscape Design Category



Project Title

Zhangzhou ITG Top Mansion

Project Function

Residential Landscape

Project Location

Zhangzhou City, Fuzhou Province,China

Project Tags

Landscape Design

Office Name

Shang Hai POWER5 Landscape Technology Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Tang Jiajia,Liu Shijuan

Office Link


Shang Hai POWER5 Landscape Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Zhangzhou is a city in harmony with the world and full of imagination. The earthen building life we are familiar with seems poetic and introverted, accompanied by rouge walls, swallowtail houses, riding corridors, etc. The city developed a resilient yet delicate personality through the integration of domestic and overseas cultures.

The project is situated in the intersection of the old and new urban boundaries based on two considerations: ① To continue the old city’s cultural context and maintain its calm and honest personality; ② To bring a new image to the city’s core region. Meanwhile, the plot is a 170m*20m strip with complicated situations in the old city district. Thus, how to artfully use the limited space and bring a safe, comfortable walking space to citizens bring grim challenges to the design. Hence the design abandons flashy symbols but adopts a more unique perspective to select the clues with higher symbolic significance and are more consistent with Zhangzhou’s local personality. It has successfully created a section of an urban garden walkway through the riding gallery.

Project Link

Image Credits

Wang Daohuai

Zhangzhou ITG Top Mansion


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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