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Hotel Beore

Novum Design Award

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Hotel Beore

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Nantou County , Taiwan

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Hotel, Rebuild, Interior

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Next Design

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Hotel Beore

Project Description

To allow hotel patrons to truly immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Sun Moon Lake, so that the space can correspond and return to the most innate and natural state, the design team combined the perception of the environment, harnessing the mountains, clouds and lakes around Sun Moon Lake as design elements. At the same time, through understanding people's state of mind about traveling around Sun Moon Lake, the design retains the essence of the heart and profoundness of the journey, transforming it into the pursuit of spatial design, and at the same time sublimating the quality of the overall space, manifested in the concept of "formless shape is also a shape". This ensures that the beauty of the stunning environment allows patrons feel that the travel is not only pleasant, but also the quality of accommodation can reach the deepest resonance of the heart.

By reducing the use of materials, the environmentally conscious design team can reduce the associated carbon footprint and at the same time effectively mitigate the damage caused by construction to the environment, and to create a special hotel with a “return-to-nature” theme.

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Next Design

Hotel Beore


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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