Peak Mansion Sales Office

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Project Title

Peak Mansion Sales Office

Project Function

Sales Office

Project Location

China, Beijing

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Interior, Commercial, Real Estate, Art

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Beijing Shanghe Design

Team Members

Feng Ye

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Beijing Shanghe Design

Project Description

The sand table area continues the top surface of the Tian zigzag shape of Chinese ancient buildings, and uses the color changes of deep and shallow wood finishes to make the spatial level rich and vivid, highlighting the traditional Chinese tenon and mortise process structure, the modern interpretation of Chinese elements such as columns, bookshelves and slope tops, and permeate the exuberant modern atmosphere in the majestic simplicity.
Oriental Zen presents the beauty of emptiness and reality, brightness and darkness in the water bar area, transmitting different spatial emotions. The crystal clear glazed lion is solemnly guarded, the stretched hanging bell green plants are swaying under the light and shadow, and friends drink tea and talk freely. What a beautiful world.
Paint a dream paradise with colorful brushes and create a happy world with young hands. The children's area adopts the macarone color loved by children. The furniture is chamfered and matched with geometric carpets. The overall atmosphere is lively.

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LIWAI Studio

Peak Mansion Sales Office


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