HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant

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HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant

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Interior design

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IN.X Design

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Chenyang Liu, Qifeng Jia, Chenjuan Jia, Zheguang Ying

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IN.X Design

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HONG 0871, the exquisite Yunnan cuisine restaurant was opened in Wusong Road, Shanghai, China. Designed by Wei Wu, the Design Director of IN.X, it officially marked the expansion of Yunnan cuisine in Shanghai, after its initial successful entry into the Beijing market. The reserved "wild and refined" menu of Xin Liu, the founder of HONG 0871, will also be tested by the picky diners in the magical city of Shanghai. As the first show in the new market, Wei Wu never takes the usual way.

As a Yunnan cuisine chef, Xin Liu has never lacked the inspiration for new dishes. However, as the brand manager, Shanghai HONG 0871's appearance is a bit vague. Through the analysis of the two cities of Yunnan and Shanghai - The former is mysterious and the latter is prosperous; one is hidden in the mountains and forests and the other is modern and magnificent; one is magical because of abundance, while the other is rich because of magic. We made the design plan based on this, and combined the color, aroma, and taste of the local Yunnan cuisines and the normal daily life of modern Shanghai together through materials and colors to create a unique brand gene for Hong 0871.

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Photographer: Yan Zheng

HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant


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