Vosges — A Luxury Indulgence

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Vosges — A Luxury Indulgence

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Interior design

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Earth Interior Design Pte Ltd

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Edwin Fong

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Earth Interior Design Pte Ltd

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When it comes to design, we often assume that light tones define a cozy environment, but sometimes dark tones can lead us to a cozy space. Contemporary interior design is known for sleek surfaces, crisp furnishings, and cutting-edge art. While the style has gotten a bad wrap in the past for being cold and impersonal, more and more modern spaces balance warmth and minimalism for a fresh and dazzling effect.
This ultramodern space is filled with rugged materials, bold lighting, streamlined furnishings, and yes, even some color, creating rooms that are dramatic, livable, and very of the moment.
The mix of black and dark wood not only serves as a means to achieve the high-end look but also adds a chic and modern touch — an effortlessly cool combination that will never go out of style. The highlight of the overall design and decor is the detailed rose gold mirror in the living hallway. Instead of a long hallway, the piece of dark wood on the white ceiling leads you to the "collecting point" that captures all the beautiful living moments. The choice of materials alone does not have a huge impact on how luxurious and elegant the room can turn out with the lack of details, clean lines, and

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Edwin Fong

Vosges — A Luxury Indulgence


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