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Tainan, Taiwan

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Architectural Design

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T.E&C Architects & Associates

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Hsieh Wen Tong, Wu Chin Chao, Wu Chang Yu, Chang Leng,Chen Cheng Tsung, Liu Kang Cheng

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T.E&C Architects & Associates

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Located in a small community at the seaside, the project is deeply inspired by the richness of the local culture and nature. Viewing from far away, one can see the guesthouse integrated immersively with the surroundings as if it is a part of an organic ecological system. The overall color palette applied on the buildings appears to have a sense of warmth and luminosity. With white and gray, the designer manages to paint out the local identity through the design. Instead of saying that travelers gather together because of the buildings, it is better to say that being here allows them to connect to the environment. The design project is born naturally out of the idea. Entering this place, one can immediately forget about their worries, wandering freely within nature.

Inspired firstly by the local oyster farming industry, the basic color of white represents the oyster shell. With each building and outdoor spaces such as a semi-open corridor, landscape patio, swimming pool, the overall traffic flow is connected and immersed with the environment.

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Chen Yao Cheng



DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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