C′est si bon

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C′est si bon

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Taoyuan City, Taiwan

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Semi-open space, transparent lighting

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Unique Interior Design & Décor Co., Ltd.

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Chen-Yu Chiu

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Chuang Photo Studio

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A golden rimmed middle hollow screen wall as a partition makes dividing line between entryway and living area which brings natural light into the entryway and captures the entire entrance area. Also, the embossed pattern of the Italian mineral paint on the wall ingeniously decorates the entrance. The design team particularly used titanium-plated stainless steel to embellish the ceiling, beam and column bevels, the side part of the dining table, the glass door frame, small side table, the edge of the shelf frame, etc., creating an elegant and exquisite metallic atmosphere into the space. In a simple, smooth, and transparent space layout, the design team separated the study and the living room by using a large glass panel, so that the entire space can be enlarged and extended by its transparent characteristic. Besides, the team built many hidden cabinets to subtly refine the bulging beams and columns so that the space also has a flexible storage function. Moreover, the overall layout of the space is appropriately adjusted from the original dining room configuration to increase the capacity of the dining table. The dining table is also set as the core connecting to the public area.

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Unique Interior Design & Décor Co., Ltd.

C′est si bon


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