Constant temperature

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Project Title

Constant temperature

Project Function

Residential design

Project Location

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Project Tags

Residential design, Interior design

Office Name

Yincheng Interior Design

Team Members

Yuan Ju, Liang & En Chi, Chang

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Yincheng Interior Design

Project Description

The translucent glow of light falls on the rustic and mellow wood texture and the ink-colored stone panel, starting a peaceful prelude in the home. While turning around, abundant light is captured in the square layout. After passing through the gauze curtain, the light turns into a soft white flutter and flows into the living room. The glistening marble wall is intertwined with the wooden elements to calm the coldness of the stone. The oscillation of different materials creates rich visual layers.
On one side of the sofa, the trapezoidal low wall echoes the smooth shape of the TV cabinet. The space behind the low wall is used as a lounge and reading area in which the wooden elements accompany the daylight, creating a perfect place for meditation.
In the dining room, a kitchen island connected to the dining table makes the function more flexible.
As we move into the sleeping space, the extravagant beauty of stone and chocolate-colored wallpaper on the bedside of the master bedroom are combined with the diffusing light from the wall lamps on both sides to create a soothing and gentle atmosphere.
On the other hand, the secondary bedroom is decorated with geometric wallpaper.

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Yincheng Interior Design

Constant temperature


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