The wandering lights

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Project Title

The wandering lights

Project Function

Residential design

Project Location

Taichung City, Taiwan

Project Tags

Residential design, Interior design

Office Name

Wang Yu Chih Space Design

Team Members

Yu Chih, Wang

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Wang Yu Chih Interior Design

Project Description

With the reflection in mirror plate, the entrance looks more spacious. The oppressiveness of the narrow corridor is reduced as well.
Edged with gold trim, the diagonal tile layout on the flooring creates a restrained sense of luxury, which is a brilliant out-of-the-box design.
After passing through the corridor, your eye takes in the entire space at once without walls to block the vision. The open layout adds vitality to the area with abundant lights.
The simple structure of natural stone on the main TV wall and the splash of ink on the landscape flooring echo each other, creating a poetic humanistic residence between the landscape.
With the transparent folding door as medium, the sofa back wall allows the areas to be independent but also connect with each other, so that the interaction is not restricted by spatial conditions.
The linear shape kitchen is accompanied by the central island and a long dining table in order to use the kitchen space to maximum effect.
In the bedroom, low-chroma colors create a cozy environment for sleep.
Under the soft glow, the natural handmade bedside wall, inlaid with gold-plated titanium in geometric shapes, creates a pleasant atmosphere.

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Wang Yu Chih Interior Design

The wandering lights


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