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Taiwan, Taichung City

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Interior Design

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SPU Design international

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Yung Fang Chen, Jian Huan Lin, Yu Chun Wang, Yu Ting Chen

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SPU Design international

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This project is the renovation of an old house, re-planning the indoor space pattern, combining the original living room space with the kitchen and dining room to form a LIVING-DINING ROOM to make the space complex, and the dining room forms the second main axis of the space and one of the center of the moving line, not only the horizontal viewing distance of the space It restores the physiologically soothing visual experience, and also raises the height of the space to the limit, reducing the pressure of the lower indoor space of the old building. The penetrating porch establishes the separation between the inside and the outside and eliminates the sense of isolation of space. The design color gray scale brings calmness and coolness to the subtropical hot climate. In response to the owner’s simple lifestyle, the decorative design is greatly reduced and the simplicity is restored.

Furthermore, the windows of the living room and the original dining room can be opened at the same time, which improves the sunlight and air convection in the indoor space and reduces indoor air pollution, also installed 24-hour ventilation equipment.

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Chun-Chieh Liu



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