Zhi Yun Restaurant

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Zhi Yun Restaurant

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China, Nantong

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Interior Design, Restaurant, Elegant, Romantic

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MET Creative Brand

Team Members

Jianing Cui, Nan Jiang, Weizheng Yin, Xiaoying Song, Juan Ding

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MET Creative Brand

Project Description

The purpose of this case is to create a casual and comfortable small banquet-style gathering environment and become a scene social restaurant favored by young consumers. Combining space application with brand culture, the designer extracts "Zhi Yun Bird" as the brand symbol and space soul, takes large area of blue-green as the main color of space, and creates a delicate, elegant and romantic ethereal environment through modern and simple design techniques.
The designer combines blue-green, blue, beige and other colors systems to render walls, seats, partitions and so on, enriching the spatial level, which not only creates a clean and clear quiet atmosphere, but also forms the ultimate moving line effect through the clever layout and matching of color systems, making the space full of vitality and energy.
In the dining area, the designer continues the modern simple concept and divides the dining area with smooth curves, elegant circles and neat sequences to create a sense of space. Rich bird elements, combined with fluent line lamps, endow the space with a sense of rhythm, and outline clean and pure beauty with great vitality.

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Yiwen Xu

Zhi Yun Restaurant


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