Longhe Daxigu Villa Model Room

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Project Title

Longhe Daxigu Villa Model Room

Project Function

Model Room

Project Location

China, Qingdao

Project Tags

Interior Design, Model Room, Nature, Villa

Office Name

Shanghai Dingpeng Architectural Interior Design Co. , Ltd.

Team Members

Gao Yungege, Guan Mengyi

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Shanghai Dingpeng Architectural Interior Design Co. , Ltd.

Project Description

With the reverence for nature, an oriental mysterious place far away from the mundane world has been created, abandoning all superfluous and complicated decorations. The dwellers can return to real life. They are back to the inner idyll from the reality of the landscape, sublimating the soul through internalization. Being embraced by nature allows people to get away from their busy lives to create their own mountain residence.
White walls, brickwork and green tiles present the characteristics of Huizhou Architecture and Jiangnan Culture implanting the aesthetic elements of modern life. By balancing between modernity and tradition, it creates an immersive natural and leisure lifestyle.
The project has built low-density villas for families of three and four generations. Depending on the mountainous terrains, it creates a rolling mountain-living image with great scenery and adequate living space for each household. Each villa realizes the separation of living and resting areas. Natural and rattan materials are chosen for furnishing, which presents a natural living paradise to the owner.

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Longhe Daxigu Villa Model Room


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