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Project Function

Landscape Design

Project Location

China, Shenyang

Project Tags

Landscape Design, Oriental Beauty

Office Name

Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Team Members

Fan Ge, Yingyi Lou, Xin Zhao, Qinyan Yang, Qi Bao, Yiqi Jin, Ruofei Bai

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Hangzhou Gescape Design Co.,Ltd

Project Description

The project is a high-end residential building with dramatic resource advantages. With two design modules of "Chinese-style courtyard" and "modern multi-storey duplex villa", it stands out among the surrounding rivals.
Pleasant traditional spatial scale is retained in the project, and the planning concept of "building southern gardens in the north" is adopted across the board. The combination mode of laneway, courtyard and buildings give rise to a stronger sense of the domain and cultivate a sense of belonging. This is how the traditional elements contribute to rich spatial experience for the residents, and offer functional space required by modern people at the same time, which is more in line with the modern life style.
The project intends to move the private gardens with lingering charm in the south of the Yangtze River to the place where it is located in Shenyang City bearing "typical northern scenery with thousands of miles of ice and snow covered". How to ensure the full display of the charm of gardens in southern Yangtze Delta becomes the main difficulty of the project since such two places are disparate in style and features.

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Shiromio Studio, Zouma Ad



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