Wuhan Poly Emerald Mansion

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Project Title

Wuhan Poly Emerald Mansion

Project Function

Sales Center

Project Location

China, Wuhan

Project Tags

Interior Design, Sales Center, Art Exhibition Hall

Office Name

Shanghai UMA Design

Team Members

Xiong Tuanhui, Dai Yang, Xing Yue, Zhao Shiming

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Shanghai UMA Design

Project Description

Sunshine and lake water are the most generous natural elements in the "city of hundreds of lakes" in Wuhan. The designer takes the pursuit of natural and harmonious humanistic values as the conception, starting from the humanistic perception of returning to nature, the space uses "viewing the river" as the construction of spatial aesthetics. Highlights, exploring the beauty of nature, and the aesthetic life experience of coexisting with nature.
Visually, the intertwined metal grids in the background of the front hall overlap in an orderly manner, and the mesh texture is like a city with many waters, reflecting the particularity of the city's region, and bringing a distinctive diffuse brilliance to the space.
The art installations hovering on the sand table area seem to be swimming fish following the light, which adds interest to the space.
The shell-shaped chairs in the negotiation area, the dazzling colorful coffee table, and the pearl-like natural texture, interpret the artistic inspiration of nature. The carpet continues on the gray ground, and the visual space is extended, which coincides with the texture of the seat.

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Image Credits

Chen Yanming

Wuhan Poly Emerald Mansion


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