Roundabout At Riyadh / KSA

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Project Title

Roundabout At Riyadh / KSA

Project Function

Public garden landscape

Project Location

Riyadh - KSA

Project Tags

Landscape architecture / Urban design

Office Name

Garden City Landscaping Co.

Team Members

Shadi Al Taher ,Sahar Abed , Israe Dabbas ,Ahmad Abu Sir

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Garden City Landscaping Co.

Project Description


As per the vision of the client (the Municipality of Riyadh District in Saudi Arabia / KSA) to maximize the green areas around the city, the roundabouts that are distributed around the city are not an exception, along with other public areas.

Methodology and Project Elements:

In the arid climate , at the desert of the Saudi Arabia , arises the palm trees oasis with the dominant water feature to beautify the scene and reflect the future vision of the Green Transformation.

The project shall comprise of lush grass spaces along with a big focal water feature that arises in the center to be an eye catcher from all around, surrounded by a variety of shrubs and groundcovers.
The water cascade shall also consist of a huge fogging system to cool out the extremely hot climate.
Along with the local plants, the palm trees are very dominant with sand dunes and rocks to blend with the surroundings.
The radial shapes help seeing the view from all around the place and illustrate the neat geometry.

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Garden City Landscaping Co.

Roundabout At Riyadh / KSA


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