Comprehensive Planning of Changde Airport City

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Project Title

Comprehensive Planning of Changde Airport City

Project Function

Logistic, Industrial, Residential

Project Location

Changde, Hunan, China

Project Tags

Urban Planning, Sustainability

Office Name

Aleatek Studio

Team Members

Danilo Trevisan, Li Xiao Hua, Jaksa Nikodijevic, Giorgia Trevisan, Li Wei Xin

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Aleatek LTD.

Project Description

Located on the south of Changde city, Hunan province, this district plan set guidelines for the upgrading and expansion of the city's airport, the logistic center, industrial area, existing town and a new residential district, for a total coverage of more than 1.000.000 m2.
Organized along a main green corridor, the core district includes an exhibition center and a car racing themed area with connected service for automotive business.
In order to connect at different levels the district and the city functions, the plan implements a new circular traffic subsystem which not interfere with the preexisting highways, but integrates the inter modality hubs: Airport, highway, regional bus, local bus, water taxi.
Relying on the existing industrial ecosystem, leveraging on the presence of the airport, the main layout of the Airport City gets inspired by the water system and integrates with it. Changde is one of the first cities in China to adopt the “Sponge City” policy in a form of pilot program. According with the policy's principles, it considers the implementation of Sustainable Drainage Systems, reduction of impermeable surfaces, guidelines for the rainwater collection and reuse.

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Courtesy of Aleatek Studio

Comprehensive Planning of Changde Airport City


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