Jinan Big Data Center

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Project Title

Jinan Big Data Center

Project Function

Mixed Use Complex

Project Location

Jinan, Shandong, China

Project Tags

Architecture, Master Plan, Office Building

Office Name

Aleatek Studio

Team Members

Danilo Trevisan, Stevan Yu Le, Jaksa Nikodijevic, Lucia Dong Yu, Huang Ying Xiao

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Aleatek ltd.

Project Description

Located in the high-tech district of Jinan in Shandong province, this research complex aims to lead the national research in the cloud services and big data technology. With a total area of 352,000 m2, the project’s program includes 4 office towers, a mall, and several strategic functions such as cloud/data centers, IT club and exhibition center. The environment and the landscape layout are meant to create a comfortable place for working, studying and doing research. The hosting capacity is 20,000 people.
The concept develops from a ring that, carving the towers’ corners, reconnects them at the base. The ring structure hovers across the inner roads, connecting upper levels, avoiding street traffic. The ring’s roof is a community garden whose green spread to the towers façade till the top.
Connecting the office spaces, the ring might serve also as horizontal distribution hub for the passengers that from the metro station climb from the semi-underground commercial at the base of the main tower, then up to the ring and the office buildings.
This iconic complex with its mirror extension in the East block becomes the district gateway. With its 200m twin towers a landmark for Jinan City

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Jinan Big Data Center


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