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Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre

Novum Design Award

Architectural Design Category



Project Title

Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre

Project Function

Cultural Center

Project Location

Qingdao, China

Project Tags

Architecture, Cultural Center, Demonstration Plot

Office Name

SYN Architects

Team Members

Zou Yingxi, Chen Shifang, Lei Zhonghua, Xia Fuqiang, Qian Guoxing, Cao Zhenzhen, Liu Tingting, Li Qianqian, Feng Yan, Guo Mengjia, Li Hui

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SYN Architects

Project Description

In the architectural design of the Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre, SYN architects set out to alleviate the burden of history and culture, looking for a new form of dialogue between the contemporary era and the past: the metaphor of "raw jade" was adopted to represent the value of history, and "carving" to discover and reshape the site, in order to maximize the inherent value of what exists there.
As a leading landmark building in the area, the Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre is seen as a prime example for how future development could take form, while acting as a first point of development to activate the local economy. Surrounded by a series of red-roofed buildings typical to Qingdao, the new building contains spaces for local businesses to display and sell their goods, while also embracing contemporary culture with coffee shops, light food restaurants, and other small businesses.
The interactive relationship between indoor and outdoor functions is an important basis for space planning, with visual interaction and the connection of various scenes blurring boundaries and creating a seamless continuity of experience.

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Jimo OCT Rural Revitalization Culture Centre


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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