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“A Stone Quarry” Sculpted by Time

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

“A Stone Quarry” Sculpted by Time

Project Function

Sales showroom

Project Location

Foshan, China

Project Tags

sales headquarter, sales showroom, exhibition

Office Name

Topway Space Design

Team Members

Wang Zhike, Li Xiaoshui

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Topway Space Design

Project Description

This project is located in Foshan, known as the "Ceramic Capital of China," and is owned by a ceramic tile brand with a long history. Within this three-story sales building, there are three sales showrooms for different ceramic brands. The designer has divided a shared public area in the center of the building to reutilize and organize functional zones and visitor circulation. This space connects the three floors through a "public atrium," with a portion of the roof opened to bring in natural light, creating a unique "paradise-like" atmosphere. The design concept here embraces the ideas of sharing, symbiosis, and coexistence, expressing the shared functionality of space, the coexistence of space and nature, and the symbiotic relationship between products and nature. It also raises considerations for the future sustainable development of building materials. The entire "Stone Quarry" wall was installed with aluminum alloy structured rock panels, and the use of tiles and rock panels to create the "Stone Quarry" also shows humanity's reflection on the destruction of nature.

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Image Credits

photographer: Ouyang Yun

“A Stone Quarry” Sculpted by Time


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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