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Minibala Store Design

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

Minibala Store Design

Project Function


Project Location

Hangzhou, China

Project Tags

Interior, Store, Commercial

Office Name

J&C Design

Team Members

James Lu

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J&C Design

Project Description

The theme of the space is "Puppet's Daydream", which is guided by drawing daydreams with pencils, and uses brand graphics and arc-shaped streamlines derived from clouds to run through the entire space and divide various functional areas. The arc-shaped structure that runs through the space is the highlight of this design and the difficulty of construction; the arc-shaped shape extends from the wall to the top surface, the shape range is large, and the outer opening of the shape is arc-shaped. Make the curved lines achieve a smooth and rounded effect.
The entrance design adopts an open inner retreat structure to show the store structure and art installations to the greatest extent. Beige-toned art paint and soft light line lights are used as a whole on the wall to create a soft and delicate sense of space and a sense of hierarchy. In terms of materials, E1 grade environmental protection materials are used to ensure the health and safety of children. The shape of the shelves and display props in the store is based on the characteristics of children's drawings and love to touch, and designed comic-like flower installations, various monsters with eyes and long hair.

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Wen Studio

Minibala Store Design


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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