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A mellow touch of elegance

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

A mellow touch of elegance

Project Function

Public facilities

Project Location

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Project Tags

Luxurious, Interior design, Curved wood, Towering

Office Name

Jian Xin Interior Design

Team Members

Sammi Hsu

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Jian Xin Interior Design

Project Description

Having a very warm look with different tints of earth tones, beige, and gold, the luxurious public facilities are synonymous with opulence and glamour. Juxtaposing different materials, such as stone, metal, wood, and ambient lights can reveal an immaculate sense of magnificence and luxury.
At the reception area, stone in neutral shades extends to the flooring and wall, adding a touch of elegance to the decor. Marble with an unrestrained pattern dominates the counter. The half-height wall cleverly reveals the herringbone divider at the back. With herringbone pattern being precisely geometric and stone pattern being playfully unpredictable, a sense of depth and contrast is added to the space. Therefore, a focal point is created in this public space with a high ceiling to give it a center of gravity. The wood-clad lounge oozes a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. As a divider, the display cabinet separates spaces and creates private booths to provide privacy to the residents. With fewer solid walls, the space always feels fresh without the visual overload. The large structural pillar stands in the space. The curved wood slats create an image of a towering tree.

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Jian Xin Interior Design

A mellow touch of elegance


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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