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Evolution Design website

Novum Design Award

Digital Art and Graphic Design Category



Project Title

Evolution Design website

Project Function


Project Location

Switzerland, Zurich

Project Tags

architecture, design, studio, website

Office Name

Evolution Design

Team Members

Evolution Design: Anna Riekstina; Netgen: Lea Friberg, Tieu Mayer, Marko Sandalj, Borna Matijanic, Ljudevit Juras

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Evolution Design

Project Description

Architecture and design studio Evolution Design prides itself on creating spaces that focus on the user experience. Yet, the studio’s website, which was 10 years old, was aesthetically and technologically out-dated and no longer reflected the studio’s ethos. Evolution Design collaborated with web agency Netgen to re-design its website and create a clean, user-friendly and aesthetic appearance to shine a light on Evolution Design’s projects, skills and team.

The re-launched website embodies Evolution Design’s values and design approach. It has been achieved through the prominent placement of projects from different categories, highlighting studio’s wide range of skills. The focus on human-centred design has been achieved by showcasing our team and our clients.

Aesthetically, the site is clean and dynamic through the use of white space and image galleries resembling mood boards and the interplay of typographical elements. Colourful accents in the navigation bar, call-to-action buttons and quotes add the element of surprise and tap into the overall impression of Evolution Design being a youthful, dynamic and collaborative architecture studio whose focus is on people.

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Evolution Design website


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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