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JiRun-Qingyun Mansion

Novum Design Award

Architectural Design Category



Project Title

JiRun-Qingyun Mansion

Project Function

Mix Use Architectural Designs

Project Location

Qingyun Township, Yulin City, China

Project Tags

Grey, Beige, Steel, Concrete, Metal Curtain Wall

Office Name

Xian JiRun Real Estate Development Co. Ltd

Team Members

Weishan Li, Zhuofang Huang, Xue Li, Guofan Li, Jinsong Li, Kai Liu, Yingzhe Sun, Xi Bai, Yongjuan Hu

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Xian JiRun Real Estate Development Co. Ltd

Project Description

This case is located in Qingyun Town, Yulin City, the project is set to open the sales center to the owners in the early stage, and after delivery, it will be used by the government department as the supporting facilities of the district, which becomes the link between the district and the city, and also creates the impression of Qingyun in the region of the project.

The design adopts a modern and simple design approach. The facade is made of glass, soft porcelain, aluminum veneer and other materials to broaden the visual sense and express the interplay of light and shadow, and to make full use of the relationship between building volume. At the same time, the purest elements of point-line composition are used, with gray and beige as the basic color scheme, impressing people through the powerful volume and smooth lines.

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Image Credits

Bokun Zhao

JiRun-Qingyun Mansion


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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