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Big Little House

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

Big Little House

Project Function


Project Location

Taiwan, Taipei

Project Tags

Interior design, Style, Nordic, Wabi-Sabi

Office Name

Sheng Hui Interior Design Co.

Team Members

Lin Chih Chien

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Lin Chih Chien

Project Description

The owners are a young couple. They want every area in the home can be divided clearly and the functions of daily living can be improved.
To divide the spaces and to improve the living functionality, the designer creates a duplex design. Compared to big houses, there’re more creative storage ideas shown in small houses. By combining the Nordic style and Wabi-Sabi style, the designer simplifies the interior designs to visually enlarges space and infuse the space with freshness.
The 427 square-foot ground floor contains a living room and a dining room; additionally, the master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom are contained on the ground floor. With the smart lighting system, the owners can transform the mood of the house by switching the lighting mode. In the bathroom, the bathtub is molded into one body, so it has great waterproof performance. Under the stairs to the second floor, the spaces are arranged as storage areas. On the second floor, there are a study and a room to display collections and bicycles.
According to the standard of Green Design (GD), the designer emphasized low-formaldehyde quality and natural ventilation, creating a delicate and healthy small living house.

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Image Credits

Lin Chih Chien

Big Little House


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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