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PlantC App

Novum Design Award

Digital Art and Graphic Design Category



Project Title

PlantC App

Project Function

Mobile App

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Project Tags

User Interface, interactive interface, UI, UX, hum

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Team Members

Yanming Chen

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Yanming Chen

Project Description

PlantC is made for human everyday friends, specifically indoor plants. Most people have some plants in their homes, offices, or gardens, for various purposes including amusement, ornamental value, etc. However, people often forget to take care of their quiet little friends due to busy schedules or other excuses. PlantC is designed to give people a break from their busy schedules and has 1:1 time with those plants. People can identify unfamiliar plants, learn about their unique characteristics, build profiles for their own plants, and customize daily reminders to take care of them through PlantC.

Have you ever purchased a plant just because it looks good at a glance? Have you ever left flowers or plants at home that perished just because you don't know how to take care of them? I have experienced those moments. Making plants grow is not as simple as it seems. Various plants have different requirements for watering and taking care of them.

Under these contexts, I believe a mobile application is essential for people like me who lack relevant knowledge to recognize plants, pick the one that suits me, and take care of them.<

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Yanming Chen

PlantC App


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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