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Eraneos Headquarters

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

Eraneos Headquarters

Project Function


Project Location

Switzerland, Zurich

Project Tags

workplace, office, new work

Office Name

Evolution Design

Team Members

Jessica Mentz, Kate Lasikowski, Zhiyang Chiu, Balazs Götz, Christina Stein, Carolin Michalka, Stefan Camenzind

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Evolution Design

Project Description

Designed with subtle colors and an abundance of indoor greenery, the headquarters of management and IT consultant Eraneos in Zurich, Switzerland is an inviting workplace that models new ways of working and fosters team cohesion within this fast-growing firm.

In order to encourage cross-collaboration and maintain a ‘one-company’ culture, the office is designed without so-called ‘homebases’ or areas assigned to particular teams. Along with open plan workspaces, each floor comprises a high number of acoustic booths for individual video calls or larger meetings. In response to the post-pandemic noise sensitivity, focus rooms enable concentrated working without interruptions. Demarcated with glass partitions to grant visual connectivity, these rooms feature floor-to-ceiling wall graphics depicting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and bountiful indoor plants that boost well-being and productivity.

In order to foster socializing, three bright and energizing coffee points are available throughout the building. Designed with different zones to enable staff to eat lunch together and break out in a relaxed atmosphere, these hubs form the social life of the office.

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Image Credits

Peter Wuermli

Eraneos Headquarters


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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