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Shum Yip Group Research Model House

Novum Design Award

Interior Design Category



Project Title

Shum Yip Group Research Model House

Project Function

Model House

Project Location

Shenzhen, China

Project Tags

Interior, Model House, Residential, Modern

Office Name

Chanku And Partners

Team Members

Qian Guojin, Wu Kangmu, Mei Wei, Su Luzhen, Chen Tao

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Chanku And Partners

Project Description

The designer in this project is committed to integrating advanced material systems on the basis of the limited decoration cost. Meanwhile, we also aim to creat a healthy and comfortable quality living space for customers through standardized design techniques and process construction nodes.
With ceramic tiles, rock slabs, stainless steel, and warm wood veneers, modern design style dominates the entire room space. The hard lines and warm wood veneers, form a basic and textured material combination. With the aid of lighting, the metal and stone texture of the rock slab provides a rigid texture, at the same time, it also reflects an exquisite and elegant beauty of the living space.
Simple materials and furnishings highlight the exceptional beauty of natural quality while fusing functionality and elegance to eliminate superfluous ornamentation. Without the interplay of colors and materials in the setting and scene, the designer aims to produce a compact and exquisite ambiance, thus presenting a modern and elegant living space, encouraging occupants to concentrate on the development of themselves.

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Image Credits

Jianghe Photography

Shum Yip Group Research Model House


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

Novum Design Award Winner in

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