Seal · Xiangjiang River · NEW288

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Seal · Xiangjiang River · NEW288

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Changsha City, Hunan Province, China

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Interior Design

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DMXS Design Co., Ltd.

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DMXS Design Co., Ltd.

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DMXS Design Co., Ltd.

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The porch starts with the mirror artwork with a cobble shape, bringing a free breath feeling.Standing in the panoramic living room, we can see the ultimate wide scenery of the Xiangjiang River.
The mirror reflects different spaces for people. It blurs spatial boundaries of space and gives an illusory sense.
The reflection of the mirror, coupled with the fluidity brought by the frame and view.
The theme of soft decoration reaches a balance between natural wildness and high luxury. Based on black, white and gray, the artistic paintings are interspersed with gold and green and looks both ancient and modern in the contrast of gold and green.The master bedroom has a 270-degree floor-to-ceiling window, allowing people to enjoy the panoramic view of the Xiangjiang River both in daytime and at night.
The natural language is expressed differently in the girl's room. In the quiet pink and green world, the element of polar bears is not only a call of natural power, but also evokes children's initial perception and love for animals from these detailed echoes.The bathroom provides an elegant temperament on the with hemp gray. It is comfortable to be immersed in the comfortable light here.

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Seal · Xiangjiang River · NEW288


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