Three Buildings of The Renovation and Renewal of Shushan Gunanjie Street

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Project Title

Three Buildings of The Renovation and Renewal of Shushan Gunanjie Street

Project Function

community service complex, guesthouse, teahouse

Project Location

Shushan Gunanjie Street, Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, China

Project Tags

rural revitalization, renovation, renewal

Office Name

S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Team Members

SHEN Yang, YU Haiyang, LANG Yecheng, WANG Yumo, WU Yang, SHEN Hua, FAN Yanliang, LIU Qingtang, LI Kang

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S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Project Description

Built along the Lihe River, Dingshu Town is famous throughout China for its pottery. While the west side is primarily residential area, the east bank of the river is home to a number of kilns and their workshops. Today, however, pottery made in traditional kilns is in decline, leaving behind only its relics, layouts, and history.
The design is intended to contribute to landscape protection and street layout preservation through three cases in regenerating Gunanjie Street Historic and Cultural District: Shuilonggong Community Service Complex at the bridgehead, Xijie Guesthouse on the west bank, and Liannnichi Teahouse on the east bank of the river.
While leaving flexibility for the continued renovation and renewal of local space, exploring the relationships between histories and memories through the perspective of tangible culture and living space. Furthermore, shaping spatial characteristics with a combination of modern functionality and traditional materials. Comprehensive integration of abstract conceptions into local conditions. Portraying the local context through the overlapping of appropriate vagueness and ambiguity.

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Image Credits

XU Haohao, SHEN Yang

Three Buildings of The Renovation and Renewal of Shushan Gunanjie Street


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