Vanke Dongguan Zhen Shan Yue Model Room

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Vanke Dongguan Zhen Shan Yue Model Room

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Model Room

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Dongguan, China

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apartment design

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Maudea Design Studio

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Nature has the natural power of healing. For people living in big cities, what they expect most is to enjoy nature and modern lifestyle at the same time. In this way, we attempted to create a both comfortable and elegant space by carefully choosing colors, materials, light and furniture, so that people can enjoy the breath of nature at anytime at home. We respect the natural environment and adhere to the aesthetic principle of simplicity but unforgettable. The original natural beauty can be found in this gentle, introverted, and elegant space. A large area is presented in the natural color of wood through a variety of natural and recyclable materials : rattan weaving, logs, enamel, linen, marble, etc, which makes the space look simple, relaxing but not plain. The space is open, comfortable and full of light, surrounded by green decoration and plants. Nature, light, sound and air have become supplementary elements at this moment to create a peaceful, relaxing and contemplative atmosphere. It is not uncommon to decorate a space with plants, but we believe that plants are not only landscape in the space, but play a balancing element for space design and people’s life at the same time.

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Maudea Design Studio

Vanke Dongguan Zhen Shan Yue Model Room


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