Settled into a leisure pace

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Settled into a leisure pace

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Taiwan, Taipei City

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Interior Design

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Dong Lin Interior Design Construction

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Wei-Chiang Liao

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Dong Lin Interior Design Construction

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All city dwellers long for a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this project, the layout and design allow a fluid traffic flow, which positively contributes to the mood and physical well-being of occupants.

A living room embraced by natural sunlight greets one at the entrance. Soon after, the tangerine sofa captivates one’s attention. The pop of color not only makes a statement in the monochromic color scheme but infuses vitality within. Along the dark wooden backwall placed cabinets with glass doors, providing practical and stylish storage. Extended from the living room, the open-plan reading quarter acts as an interlude for a quiet enjoyment.

Elements of different textures go in grey gradient enhance details and depth in the dining room. Cylindrical suspension lights above the Calacatta gold marble table find connection at the same hue, giving a subtle visual appeal. Merely accentuated by neat lines makes the well-lit kitchen a refreshing station.

The private sphere interprets refined and sophisticated aesthetics. Venetian door blinds softly screen the sunlight, accompanying low and warm lighting for a soothing atmosphere to relax and rest.

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IQ +photo studio

Settled into a leisure pace


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