Chongqing New Imperial Palace Private Residence

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Project Title

Chongqing New Imperial Palace Private Residence

Project Function

Residential House

Project Location

China, Chongqing

Project Tags

Interior, Villa, Residential, House

Office Name

Sinhan Design

Team Members

Bin Guo, Chao Hu, Kechao Huang

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Sinhan Design

Project Description

In terms of structure, the anti-traditional and defamiliarization approach was adopted to modify the original four-room and one-hall apartment, breaking the conventional Chinese pattern of the original structure. In addition, the original beam structure is re-structured and optimized to match the rectangular blocks formed by the windows to create an interior architectural aesthetic.
In the material selection, follow the principle of low-key, plain,as well as natural. Repeatedly consider of the wall stone texture, proportion, color difference. The final selection of wavy lime stone, with a bit of natural weathered grain, adds a delicate texture to the wall.
The well-painted wall texture, low-key copper metal, matte leather, and even the light at 2700K color temperature are all committed to maintaining this natural and unadorned aura.
Try to remove the stylized thing on soft outfit. Because style is the most easily outdated thing, and the essence of design should be to create something new.
The revolving doors between the bedroom and the living room allows the space to switch freely between public and private.

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Chongqing New Imperial Palace Private Residence


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