H Greentown Lotus Garden Minimalist Villa

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Project Title

H Greentown Lotus Garden Minimalist Villa

Project Function

Residential House

Project Location

China, Hangzhou

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Interior, Villa, Residential, House

Office Name

Ding San Design Studio

Team Members

Ding Jianpo

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Ding San Design Studio

Project Description

At the entrance, through the collision of different materials and careful design, it is eye-catching. The texture of the stone, the delicate wall, and the smooth metal collide with different textures.
The architectural style is introduced into the interior design, and the transformation of the three-dimensional dimension is used as the design idea. The three-dimensional arcs and lines run through the changes of the entire space, showing a sense of dynamism. In the stairwell, we used the classic work of Master Scarpa, and made the first run of the stairs of B2 as a highlight, making up for the regret of the owner who always wanted to rotate the stairs.
From the curved background wall, to the round arched line on the wall, and then to the three-dimensional hanging wine cabinet rack. Every line in the living room is arranged through our precise calculation. The bar space on the left changes from light to dark, from pure to deep, with a unique tenderness lingering.
The master bedroom on the 3F is more inclined to a modern and warm expression. For the younger son, the approach is more sunny, masculine, and concise.

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Ding San Design Studio

H Greentown Lotus Garden Minimalist Villa


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