Sales Office of Shenzhen Jiuyu Tea House

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Sales Office of Shenzhen Jiuyu Tea House

Project Function

Sales Office

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China, Shenzhen

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Interior Design, Commercial, Sales Center, Art

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Peng Haitao, Wang Guanghui, Liu Xiaoyi, Ai Yizhong, Li Wenqiang, Su Lianghai, Xiao Wei

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Chinese history and modern development have constituted the cultural keynote of Jiuyu Tea House. It designs on the Taigorge features of the sales office, which laid the ubiquitous circular elements, the culture, scene and life factors of the comprehensive planning, so as to create temperature and cultural heritage of the garden of Eden. Inspiration "circle" in life, placing the design of life into every detail of the space. From large space to small material, there are details for the spatial mood and a harmonious relationship between inside and outside.  
The grille curtain with visual impact of the front hall, the hole door in classical garden, the demure and elegant droplight, all of which are revealing the aesthetic pursuit of soft and gentle Chinese traditional culture. The reception hall adopts the circular design in many places, which responds to the infinity of life force.
The device in the negotiation area looks unremarkable at first glance, but it is mysterious. The sapphire blue water drop device is full of fantasy, and the unknown field may be buried in the mirror world.

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Chen Yanming

Sales Office of Shenzhen Jiuyu Tea House


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