Glimmer in the Cave

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Glimmer in the Cave

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Taipei City , Taiwan

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Residential, renovation, interior, cave

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DuJian Design Studio

Team Members

Chen Chun Ting, Shih Chun Hung, Chiang Kai Ping

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DuJian Design Studio

Project Description

The cave concept is developed from the structure of the longhouse, and contrary to popular techniques, uses dark colors to shrink the space, bringing in natural materials in black, white, and gray. Interior and exterior are connected with linear designs to extend the limited space. Two separate metal pillars at the end of the entryway allow light to pass through the gap between them and from the top, creating anticipation toward the space behind. To resolve the common noise and privacy issues of row houses, the entryway is made dark and decorated with a fish tank and plants.
A darkly-colored cave technique is employed to blur the barriers between spaces as day turns to night, bringing focus to the light source and enlarging the long, narrow space. Lighting and furniture are arranged to create a textured appearance.
Using black, white, and gray in the environment creates expansiveness in the limited space. The black elevator doors vanish into the black wall. The height and width of the space are extended through tall black iron railings and lighting on the ceiling of the staircase.
An entryway with elements of greenery and water is added for privacy and noise control.

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DuJian Design Studio

Glimmer in the Cave


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