Headway App: Combining Tech and Art

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Project Title

Headway App: Combining Tech and Art

Project Function

Illustrations for in-app book covers

Project Location

Kyiv, Ukraine

Project Tags

Illustration, Mobile App, Covers, Art

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Team Members

Polina Honta, Olha Melkozerova

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Project Description

Headway is an app with Ukrainian roots that provides learning for fun and easy growth. There are different bite-sized (short) content formats from the most influential non-fiction books. In particular, 15-min text and audio summaries – laconic extracts with crucial ideas from books.

Headway’s mission is to help people grow, so the team strives to develop every piece of content according to this belief. Even creates illustrations as covers for summaries just from scratch.

Headway’s illustrators explore books and then find contemporary metaphors based on modern culture streams to reflect their key statements. Every illustration is 100% handmade and based on a profound creative idea. Illustrations are genuine pieces of art that let Headway differentiate itself from competitors.

Non-fiction literature could be perceived as a bit complex, and it is challenging to make it interesting for busy people, especially the younger generation. Headway’s team rearranges complex thoughts in simple and laconic images and profound ideas – in modern and eye-catchy visual content.

Brilliant and colorful illustrations make content exciting and desirable for people.

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Image Credits

Polina Honta, Olha Melkozerova

Headway App: Combining Tech and Art


DESIGN SCORE:      /100

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