Tranquility and Purity

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Project Title

Tranquility and Purity

Project Function

Residential house

Project Location

Taipei City, Taiwan

Project Tags

Residential design, Interior design

Office Name

CHI-R Interior Design

Team Members

Min Kang Tseng, Kuei Wen Hsu, Cai Hua Yang

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CHI-R Interior Design

Project Description

Under natural light, the plaster texture of the hand-applied paint is combined with the calm and stable Wellington blue to give a peaceful and relaxing vibe in the space that is filled with colors of low chroma. The change of flooring leads the ways to the living room. With the panoramic sliding door, the living room is filled with abundant light. The high bar table at the window near the balcony makes the homeowner's dream of a sun-lit study room comes true. The trowel-painted TV wall has beautiful natural texture, while the faux fair-faced concrete tiles make up the flooring. The warm gray colors create a simple and elegant space. Wood and light strips at the lower part of the TV wall add instant warmth to soften up any hardness you may feel. The structural column in the center of the dining and kitchen area is not only a visual barrier but also a hindrance. To soften the abruptness of the column, the column is wrapped in Morandi gray color and serves as a pivot point on one side of the dining table. Through the neutral colors and the inlay between the volumes, disadvantage is turned into an advantage and the dining and kitchen area is also defined with an invisible border.

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CHI-R Interior Design

Tranquility and Purity


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