Delightful Elegance

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Project Title

Delightful Elegance

Project Function

Private Residence

Project Location

Taiwan, Taipei

Project Tags

Floor-Through, Hospitality, Leisure Abode

Office Name

FE Design

Team Members

Chen Chin Shu

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FE Design

Project Description

This newly built floor-through boasts 380 m2 interior with a stunning view. For a relatively small population, namely 2 to 3 persons, compared to ample space capacity, the design appeal is to retain maximum openness without appearing cold or desolate. Among others, the homeowner’s hospitable nature and the riverbank scenery are well factored in.
A sense of transparency meets the eye when touring through the common areas: the entryway, the foyer, the airy living room and open kitchen, each takes its unique stand yet seamlessly interconnected. Styled in resemblance to river curves, the ceiling grooves act multifaceted in providing ambient lighting, whilst alleviating sense of unease caused by structural beam columns.
Through well-edited materials, lines, illumination and styling, the bedroom entries are subtly concealed for higher level of privacy. The sizable master suite is segmented into 4 zones: the walk-in wardrobe, vanity corner, the bath and dual sleeping rooms for the male and female owner respectively. Vibes and texture of lighting, ceiling and wooden touch bring zones together in tune with outdoor scenery, instilling warmth and vitality to a tranquil lifestyle.

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FE Design

Delightful Elegance


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