Xi'an Helu life aesthetics Museum

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Xi'an Helu life aesthetics Museum

Project Function

Sales space

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China, Xi'an

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Interior design

Office Name

WE Architectural Design

Team Members

He Wenzhe, Tang Yaohua, Yuan Jun

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WE Architectural Design

Project Description

When design meets history, it becomes so small and humble, but there is more respect and exploration. In the city with a rich historical background, the journey begins. The chandelier in the reception area is shining brightly, and the material of the stairs is a continuation. Under the illumination, the highly transparent acrylic is shining and exquisite. The shape is taken from the Chinese character "合", which means a harmonious integration of the sky, the earth, and everything between them. Stepping to the sand table area, amber crystal blocks are layered on top of each other, like raindrops falling on a jade plate, which are placed in the center of the model panel. Soft lighting permeates every detail, like a flowing waltz, cheerful yet romantic. The criss-cross lines reflect the beauty of linearity.

The second floor has a large area of green plants which makes people feel relaxed and refreshed, and visitors will feel peaceful and content here. The potted plants, books, and artworks have their own function and are connected with each other. They convey the past and present of Xi'an, interpret the true feelings of current life, and then merge into an overall space atmosphere.

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WE Architectural Design

Xi'an Helu life aesthetics Museum


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