KINGCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 2.0

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Project Title

KINGCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 2.0

Project Function

sales center; Exhibition

Project Location

China, Shaoxing

Project Tags

Architecture, exhibition, sales center

Office Name

LYCS Architecture

Team Members

RUAN Hao, Chen Wenbin, Lin Dong, Liang Guobin,Zhuang Longwei, Ma Guangyu

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LYCS Architecture

Project Description

KINGCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 2.0 is located in zhuji, shaoxing, which is now officially completed and open to the public. Adhering to the concept of "introducing nature into life", the design continues the streamlined modeling language of the same series of Egrets Waves 1.0. The architectural form is simple and smooth, and the facade adopts large area of glass instead of solid wall, aiming to eliminate the boundary between human and nature.

On the basis of Egrets Waves 1.0, the design team re-examined the curve and rounded corner elements, redesigned the segmentation size of the aluminum plate, and the way of splicing and edge closing. The high-cost angular arc glass in the Egrets Waves 1.0 was optimized with a radius of 1.3m, achieving a balance between effect and cost.

Using materials to show modern style, using forms to pay tribute to local culture, KINGCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 2.0 is another strong proof of LYCS Architecture’s ingenious and cheerful design values.

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Wu Qing Shan

KINGCANG Egrets Waves Sales Center 2.0


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