ZOINA Oriental Villas Show Flat in Yuyao

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ZOINA Oriental Villas Show Flat in Yuyao

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Villas Show Flat

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Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, China

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Interior design

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Fang Lei

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One House Interior Design

Project Description

In an open architecture, the designer plans its functional partition reasonably, separates dynamic and static freely and orderly. It contains reception and banquet, emotional communication, private enjoyment, multi-functional interaction, outdoor leisure, etc. Leading with a forward-looking lifestyle, it integrates diversified functional needs and emotional demands, so as to improve the value and experience of the space and explore more possibilities of high-end villas. The combination of materials such as leather, marble, metal, wood veneer, as well as the matching of lighting and furnishings, brings a unique style and a sense of quality. In terms of color, the high-grade gray is the main color, and the jumpy Hermes orange is used as the color embellishment, strengthening the spatial level and enriching the interest. Low-key luxury and sensibility are permeated into it, thus making the space have a transition of different rhythms. This villa is closer to nature and green, with harmonious shape, color and texture, it is full of artistic style. It’s open, interconnected, transparent and comfortable. All jointly contribute to poetic life and open a new chapter of ideal living.

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One House Interior Design

ZOINA Oriental Villas Show Flat in Yuyao


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