Cultivation in Rising Clouds

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Cultivation in Rising Clouds

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Sales Center

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China, Jiangsu City

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Interior Design

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Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Zhang Li, Han Xue, Fan Chenrui

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Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The project incorporates Suzhou Yancheng’s four-color culture into its design. The overall white interior interweaves with red and green of natural resources and subtle elements of blue in the decoration. Drawing delicate aesthetics of East Aisa integrates with a simple layout and fine textures portraying the Zen sect of Buddhism.

A classical Chinese garden with a modern touch of lighting which curving lines trace on the succession of stages rippling over the cascade. Carefully composed scenes of assorted rocks, plants, trees, and a pavilion unroll like a scroll of landscape paintings. Walking through the entrance, a Chinese ink wall art first comes into view and then on the left side, in a humble manner, a reception placed. The oriental decoration evokes associations for a palace. In the lounge, an entire wall of glass creates a strong connection between the interior and its surroundings. Water vapor condenses above land as the air cools following the sunset brings about an artistic conception of an eastern wonderland. Latticework above guides one towards the library stack. Wall-mounted shelving opens up the space; circular sectional sofa makes the room comfortable and inviting.

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Cultivation in Rising Clouds


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