Thoughts of gray

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Thoughts of gray

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Residential design

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New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Residential design, Interior design

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JTS Interior Design

Team Members

Hsieh Chang, Chih Sheng/Lin, Zong Yi

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JTS Interior Design

Project Description

The dynamic meandering of curved arcs runs between linear extensions. The dynamic sparks of aesthetics spring from rationality and sensibility. The rippling of contextual lights accompanied by the outline of the light strip pile up delicate details.The neutral gray paint on the main TV wall conveys a calm and stable texture, and the craftsmanship of trowel-painting injects a rustic humanistic tone, while the varying shades of color highlight the native characteristics of the clay. The delicate curved lines lead to horizontal and vertical dimensions and extend to the kitchen entrance in an arc. TV cabinet and display cabinet are made of wood to add visual warmth, and the straight lines and curved corners are used to bring smooth tension of the space.
In the elegant residence, the interplay of lines creates a clear focal point. The wall behind the sofa is made of wood lattice and marble in grayish-white, and the dialogue between wood and stone bring a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.Upon entering the bedroom, the bedside wall is geometrically divided to enrich hierarchy, and a large span of soft curve is extended to the canopy to conceal the large beams in its original structure.

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JTS Interior Design

Thoughts of gray


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