Engrossing Mansion

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Engrossing Mansion

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Taiwan, Chiayi City

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Manmanhui, interior design

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Manmanhui interior Design Co., Ltd.

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Sakina Yu, Vita Chen

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Manmanhui interior Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

Perceiving the householders' strong vision of the dream blueprint, we exploit diversified elements like the gray color scheme, balmy timbers, and simple ironworks to fashion a concise, modern residence with exceptional features for a four-member family.

Adopt the eclectic interior design style to meet the different preferences of family members. First, hang up a Chinese landscape painting meaningful to the couple. Then, set up the public area with earth tone furnishings to present an understated and steady ambiance. Also, plan four distinctive bedrooms that perfectly correspond to the individual personality, making people enchanted in the attractive residence.

Attach importance to the homeowners' aspirations and follow each member's character to set up exclusive bedrooms. Stress on the spatial details like the cabinet doors, customized wallpapers, wardrobes, and interior facades skillfully manifest multiplex styles of American neoclassical, Japanese Zen-look, modern affordable luxury, and industrial loft, making people pleasantly soak in the private domains.

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Manmanhui interior Design Co., Ltd.

Engrossing Mansion


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