high line park

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Project Title

high line park

Project Function

commercial center, public park

Project Location

Chengdu, China

Project Tags

Landscape design,

Office Name

ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Team Members

Liang Zhu, Liang Li, Di Wu

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ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This case follows the idea of station-city integration advocated by TOD, and conducts urban development along the line on the premise of traveling by public transport. The design extracts linear elements from the rails, designate different functional areas for different lines, with the long lines ensuring the passage, short lines offering stay, folding lines for conversion of space, and wave lines drawing close to the scale of visitors. By appealing to the repetition, arrangement, folding, overlapping, and extension of different materials, it constructs various types of landscape space to meet the needs of the site.

In area planning, this case is divided into the north and south parts by the east-west Yidu Avenue. The site is separated into three parts: the sunken courtyard to be connected to the subway, the open ground businesses and sports park, and the forest bridge connecting the businesses on both sides. A traffic core tube is designed to link the foot traffic to form a three-dimensional flow line. Through sorting out all kinds of TOD crowd foot traffic, it establishes a convenient channel between the site and the station, and creates a rich scene foot traffic experience.

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Image Credits

all images courtesy of ZINIALAND Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

high line park


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